The American Desert

February 8-13, 2015

If photography is all about light, shadow, form and texture, it's not surprising that the American West has captured so many photographer's hearts. Dramatic scenes are at every turn. Beautiful, varied landscapes and textures reveal themselves effortlessly as you travel through the land. This wild land is an excellent setting for the nude, and our mission during this midwinter expedition will be to make the most of it.


The Expedition

We'll make our base at the unique 29 Palms Inn in Twentynine Palms, California. From this base we will explore the environments of both the Mojave and Coloradan Deserts and their varied forms. Working at sunrise and sunset, we'll encounter moderate temperatures and cooperative light. Afternoons will offer respite from the desert heat, a chance to discover the shops and galleries of the area, and time to enjoy the company of like-minded photographers and models.


The Models

Both our models are proven, talented figure models used to working in the natural landscape. Their artistic sensibilities and enthusiasm for working in the desert are contagious, and are an important inspiration for me when I undertake trips such as this. They're sober, drama-free, and as beautiful as they are tough.


Vex|Voir is a figure model from North Carolina. She poses in a very dramatic yet classical, figurative sense. Her lovely physique, lack of tattoos, and toughness in the environment are sure to benefit us in the dramatic Mojave landscape.


Miss Macaroni is newer to modeling but shows an innate talent for our kind of work and has an eager and determined attitude. She's also from North Carolina, and she's also tough too, and like Vex|Voir she's up for the physical challenge of the desert.


The Group

Our group is limited to six artists. This allows each of us ample time to find unique scenes and to work with both models during the fleeting moments of good light. We'll travel together, enjoy dinner together, and spend plenty of time talking about photography, discussing image-processing and more. Billy Monday Expeditions are a rare opportunity for those of us working in the landscape nude to enjoy and learn from one another, in a relaxed and productive session.


The Costs

$1000 covers the costs of guidance, our model's fees,  and transportation throughout the week. You will be responsible for your room at the 29 Palms Inn, meals, and transportation to and from the expedition. Twentynine Palms is about two hours from LA Ontario airport, but also is within reach of LAX, Las Vegas and San Diego.


A $300 deposit holds your place, the balance will be due on January 1, 2015.

Questions or comments? Please email me at any time. I hope to meet you in the desert!

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