Iceland - The 2015 Expedition

May 31 - June 6, 2015

Iceland! Perhaps the most exciting photographer's destination, this dramatic sub-arctic island nation is a landscape just begging to be explored by the photographer of the landscape-nude. Although always challenging, from a climactic perspective, with the right models this can be a place to create very impressive nude photographs.


The Expedition

This will be the fourth expedition I've led to Iceland. Locations are scouted, routes are prepared, hotels and restaurants have been vetted, and capable professional models have been hired. Your spirit will be free to enjoy this wonderful land, and to concentrate on landscape-nude photography.


We begin at the airport in Keflavik. Most international flights arrive in the morning, and I will be there to meet you. To help you to adjust to the time and daylight (it's nearly 24 hour light in June!), we'll spend the first night nearby, on the Reykjanes Peninsula. We'll have time to shoot in the local lava fields (a training site for the Apollo moon landings) while we acclimate.


Then it's on to the remote Westfjords. We have a relationship with a remarkable hostel deep in this region, and we will spend two days exploring the arctic coastline, meeting sheep, and creating images. The hostel is cozy, welcoming, and a great place to commune and to compare notes on figure photography.


Next, we proceed to the Snaefellsness Peninsula. Often referred to as "Iceland in miniature," the Snaefellsness features lava fields, waterfalls, rocky coastlines and an iconic volcano. We'll have another two days to shoot in this area, working within an hour of our base on the shores of the frigid Denmark Strait.


Upon our June 6 return to the Reykjavik area, we will either transport you to the airport or to a Reykjavik area hotel so you can explore the island some more. Within reach of Reykjavik you will find the greatest collection of waterfalls in the world, unusual cultural experiences and comfortable hotels with fine dining.


This is not a strenuous expedition, there is very little walking and we rarely will be out of sight of our vehicles. Icelandic weather can be challenging, be prepared for cold and wind. Our shoots with our tough nudes models will be, understandably, frequent but short. The accommodations have proven comfortable and electricity and wifi will be generally available.


All photographers interested in creating the landscape-nude will find this an inspiring trip. The light in Iceland is often favorable, the models experienced and the companionship enthusiastic. You should know how to use your camera, and have a proper tripod, but beyond that there is no required experience or knowledge level beyond the desire to create respectful, communicative images.


The Group

Our group is led by myself and our talented figure models. Each of the models has previously modeled successfully for me and has proven to be talented, sober, and tough enough to pose nude in the harsh, variable Icelandic environment. Additionally, we will have an experienced assistant on hand to help watch for interlopers, wrangle reflectors, and herd sheep. I don't think I mentioned the "herding sheep" part to him just yet...


Our groups are intentionally small, allowing us to work quickly and efficiently. Billy Monday Expeditions are never "shoot-out" style chaos. Participants need not be experienced, but they must be respectful.


The model-to-photographer ratio will be roughly 1:2, allowing ample time with each subject to create. An important part of an expedition like this is that photographers return home with unique images, not duplicates made shoulder-to-shoulder with other participants. The small number of artists present assures that you can create unique, inspired photographs.


Beyond the creation of images, I find that these expeditions are a great opportunity to travel and learn with others who share my passion. We'll have lots of time to discuss methods and techniques, compare notes, and to build lasting friendships.


The Costs

US$2000 covers the cost of our models and ground transportation. You will be responsible for your airfare to and from Keflavik (both Icelandair and WOW have reasonable fares from Europe and the US), your hotels and meals. We'll be staying in mid-priced hotels and eating at common local restaurants. Expect first-world prices, generally.


A US$500 non-refundable deposit will hold your place on the expedition. The balance will be required prior to May 1, 2015.


Deposits are payable via PayPal, and slots are still available. Contact me for more information or to sign-on. Because of changes in my life, this may be my last expedition to Iceland, don't miss an exciting opportunity to make landscape-nudes in this unique environment!


Billy Monday

Frederick, Maryland, USA


All images and other content copyright © Billy Monday. All rights reserved.