Iceland, June 2-8, 2014

I'm excited to announce a new expedition, my third one to Iceland!


Six photographers will join me, my assistant, and three experienced figure models for an expedition to the fantastical island-nation of Iceland beginning June 2, 2014.


The Scene:

Iceland is a place of incomparable beauty;  a land of volcanoes, glaciers, unearthly rock formations and enormous skies. It's little wonder that many of the locals still believe that the land is inhabited by huldufólk, ancient elves who control the magical forces found on the island.


This is the land of the Sagas, inhabited for over 1000 years by tough yet uniquely creative people. Inspiration is everywhere. Inspiration would be growing on trees, if they had any. This is a beautiful place to make art of any kind.

The waterfalls alone make Iceland worth the visit. One somehow gets the impression that all of the world's water is born here, flowing from the ground in myriad cascades which seem purposefully designed for the landscape nude.


The people of Iceland are tolerant, if slightly bemused by, our work. Finding quiet yet monumental landscapes is simple in this wild land, and it's relatively easy to take your time in making quality images.


The Conditions:

The conditions are challenging. As befits the appellation "Iceland," it will be cold and windy in this environment. This is the sub-Arctic, just a few miles south of the Arctic Circle, and even in June you're likely to see snow and possibly a passing iceberg or two.


There's literally a bright side. Iceland is in the Land of the Midnight Sun. In June, we can expect about 20 hours of sunlight each day. The sun orbits the landscape at a low angle, almost constantly illuminating the scene through the frequent cloud-cover. So far as landscape photography goes, this is nearly a paradise of light.


Working with the Models:

Because of the challenging conditions, and as befits an important adventure of this type, I have personally worked with each of our three models in very challenging landscape shoots. Two of the models have traveled with me to Iceland before, and all three have proven themselves to be tough, willing, and good-natured under difficult conditions.


Each is an experienced figure model and each has successfully modeled for published and prize-winning photographs. If you're unused to working in the landscape with nude models, these are the models I would recommend for the most favorable results.


Our Expedition:

We begin our adventure on Monday, June 2 in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavík. Most flights from the US and Europe arrive in the morning and you will be met by us in our four-wheel drive vehicles and ready see the island!


We will work in areas which the models and I have explored in advance. Our scenes include the rocky Icelandic coast, waterfalls, glaciers, tiny fishing villages and the ever present enormous skies. An important part of each Billy Monday expedition is the social networks we build, so the group will travel together, eat together and study together.


On the first night, we will have a group discussion and critique session, in which we each can challenge one another with ideas and areas of improvement to be considered during our exciting week in this rugged land. As we work, my assistant and I will be available as lookouts, reflector-wranglers and dispensers of advice. We also will handle all the driving, giving you lots of time to view the wonders of this spectacular Scandinavian country.


By the time we sit down for our last glass of Brennivín, each of us will have improved his/her vision and skills, as well as having built lasting connections with those who share our artistic sensibilities. This expedition will truly be one to remember!



US$3850 includes private hotel rooms (sometimes with shared bath), all ground transportation and all model's fees. We eat together (usually there's only one place in town) but due to differing dietary needs we each get our own check. Your airfare costs will be less than US$1000 from the US on Icelandair, which usually offers the best price.


A non-refundable deposit of US$500 will hold your place, the balance will be due on May 16, 2014.


Travel to Iceland is easy, no visa is required for US and Schengen citizens, and English is widely spoken. The local diet consists largely of fish and lamb, but vegetarians will find palatable options.


One would not embark upon such an adventure without asking a few questions. Please, feel free to email me for more information.


See you in Reykjavík!



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